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With over twenty years of restaurant experience The Dogwood Restaurant Consultant Group is more than capable of developing concrete operational  guidelines as well as front of the house, back of the house and management procedures for the hospitality enterprise. In order to elevate your business to the next level, we have developed a  list of the essential tools that are required. These tools are key to the success  of your business. Often times, business owners put people in place without the tools required to complete tasks and complete them well.  There are a few steps that one should take when considering opening a restaurant or bar: 

First, create your business plan: This is a vital key to your overall vision to explain your concept. Most successful food service operators strongly recommend putting together a business plan before making any kind of monetary investment. Without a good business plan you could lose tens of thousands of dollars. If you can successfully create a detailed business plan, you have gotten past the first hurdle. 

Secondly, design your menu:  Determine recipes , food costs , and equipment specifications.  When buying equipment do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Many operators save a few dollars  on their core pieces  of equipment  only to find out that it will cost them thousands in lost revenue  once they  open for business, by not having the right equipment. Clarify your  concept  and put all the proposed details in writing, from the decor to the dessert choices. If you  cannot write something  in detail, then you need to give it more thought.                                                          

Third, get  sound financing:  Even people with alot of food service experience loss.  The primary reason for this is due tp under capitalization. Make sure you have enough money  to operate your restaurant for six months to a year without making a profit. 

Fourth, obtain  licensing & follow regulations:  If you plan on serving alcohol, please make sure that you fully  understand, and are prepared   (financially and personally) to meet  state, county,  and city regulations. Research all local food  service requirements & health code requirements before looking for a property. This will give you the ability to intelligently negotiate a lease agreement. Look carefully at the property to make sure that there will not be any major  changes required to the physical plant by the local health department. If the location was previously a  restaurant, that does not mean it met current regulations. Many  people have found out, after signing their lease, that they have to spend an additional $5, 000=15,000 on essentials-- like a  greasetrap or septic tank system.

Fifth, get a professional contractor: Hire someone that can stick to your schedule and is familiar with local regulations and inspectors. Don't rely on your cousin or friends, just because they have built a house. Every day that you "go over" schedule will cost you money in operating expenses and lost sales. 

Below is a snapshot of some fo the tools required to build your dreams. This does not include all the services available to you, however it is a strong foundation:





    Commercial Permitting Services                                                       Consulting Services

    Tenant Alterations                                                                                  Zoning & Land Use Research

    Special Land Use Permit                                                                        Location Analysis 

    Administration Variance                                                                         Conditional Use Permits 

    Land Disturbance Permit                                                                       Zoning Ordinance Appeals

    Certificate of Occupancies                                                                    Zoning Variances

    Building Permit Expeditors                                                                    Property Re-Zoning

    Sign Permit


    Residential Permit

    Addition to Single Family 

    New Single Family Home

    Interior Alteration Permit

    Zoning Variance

    Demolitan Permit



    Restaurant Permitting

    Alcohol License Processing

    Food Service Permits

    Grease Trap Permits


    Plan Review Inspections

    Health Separtment Permit



     Zoning & Planning

    Rezoning & Zoning Variance

    Special Use Permit

    Lot Split & Replat

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