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The DWRC Group is a comprehensive food and beverage firm that specializes in restaurants, clubs, bar/lounges and other food related operations. We handle it all, from on-site capacity and contacts, to menu engineering, rollout assistance and day-to-day management, the budgeting of  fees, costs and strategic detailing to ensure evident results and a sustainable business model.

Our mission is to partner with and add value to specific hospitality businesses, while working relentlessly to create competitive advantages and profitability for our partnering firms. Our services include, but are not limited to:                


  •   State and City Liquor License Facilitator

  •   Permit Expeditor

  •   Project Coordinator

  •   Surveying, Site Planning and Architectural Drawing

  •   New Construction/Renovations/Convertion/Turn-Key

  •   Applications/Plans and Submittals

  •   Monitoring of the Plans/Applications Process

  •   Re-Submittal of Revisions (if necessary)

  •   Requesting Required Inspections

  •   Obtaining Final/ Certificate of Occupancy

  •   Menu Engineering

  •   Food Cost Control & Management

  •   Risk Reduction & Loss Prevention

  •   Labor Management        

  •   Staff Training & Development

  •  Wine/Cocktail/Beer Beverage Program Development

  •  Location Scouting

  •  Plate Cost Analysis

  •  Human Resource Management

  •  Vendor Database

  •  Payroll  Procedure

  •  State and Federal Guidelines  

  •  Front and Back of House Structure









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